Monday, September 24, 2007

Welcome To The End Of The World.

This blog is the new home for Apokalyptic Raids.
I plan on updating it a couple of times a week, providing play lists, download links, info on some of the bands I'm playing, and what ever else I find interesting.

Here's last weeks play list.

Annihilation Time-Teenage rebel
The S-Haters-The deepest of reds
The Final Solutions-I am the now
Lebendeen Toten-Scattered places
The Stalin-Arerugii
Raygunomics-Human Disease
Plague Dogs-Black friday moral
Prong-Cling to life
Frozen Shadows-Adrift in the sepulchral snow
Bone Awl-I have never met him
Nocturnal Graves-Skullthrone
Rammer-Obliteration wwvi
Terminal State-Your Rules
Leather Nun-No rule
The Geraldine Fibbers-Fancy

And here's the download link.


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