Friday, March 11, 2011

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link March 26th, 2008

The Cramps-God Damn Rock & Roll
Fucked Up-Vivian Girls
The Smugglers-Epecially You
The Fastbacks-Believe Me Never
Iggy Pop-I'm Bored
The Urinals-Ack Ack Ack
DRI-Money Stinks
Lost Sounds-Satan Bought Me
The Monsters-Burn My Mind
The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black-Am I Blue
Sabbat-Hell Fire
Inferno-Metal Attack
Deaf Dealer-Don't Get In My Way
Bobby Soxx & The Teenage Queers-Hate In The 80's
Maximum RnR-Trust Us
DOA & Jello Biafra-Power Is Boring
The Nation Of Ulysses-N-Sub Ulysses

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link July 9th, 2008

Here's another old show. And that's not the Nu-Metal Slipknot.

Dystopia-Now and forever
Christ On Parade-drop out
The Holy Mountain-Birth
Satanic Threat-Satanic threat
Midnight-Black kar
Sacrifice (Japan) -Friday nightmare
Massacre-Bleed to death
Deathrash-Lock jaw
Witch Tomb-Death stench
Barbatos-Prophesy of the evening star
Insect Warfare-Burning chrome
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy Of The Dilapidation-Euthanasia
Iron Lung-Sexless//sex
Koro-It's ok
Chronic Seizure-Stark reality
Total Abuse-Same
Deathcycle-Ten years later
Rudimentary Peni-Eyes of the dead

Friday, February 18, 2011

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link May 21st, 2008

Been a while.
Here's an old show from 2008 full of fast Punk, and brutal Black Metal.

Acid Reflux-Old timer
Cheap Time-Living in the past
Brutal Knights-Le high point
Peirced arrows-Guns of thunder
Sick Boys-My wife is a peeler
World Burns To Death-The Red Locust
Blasphemy-Fallen angel of doom
Sabbat-Rage of the mountains
Ironfist-Serpent goddess sexxxekution
Beastcraft-Altar of death
Hatred Surge-Casket
The Endless Blockade-Pathologised
Negative Gain-Decend on youth
Geriatric Unit-Kill The Pose
Autistic Youth-World of our own
Lets Grow-Man is the measure of all things
Criminal Damage-The power of fools
Tragedy-Force of law
Thor-Thunder on the tundra

Friday, August 6, 2010

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link Aug 4th, 2010

The Vibrators-Pure mania
No Mercy-My own way of life
Excel-Wreck your world
Neighborhood watch-Delicious vomit
The Brood-Unglued
Beowulf-get the grind
Poison Idea-Ugly American(Request)
Cobra Noir-Live like an angel die like a devil
Death Yell-Obssessed by the vision
Lascowiec-untitled (track 8 on the unreleased Isolation demo)
Abominator-The darkest sabbat
Judas Priest-The ripper(Request)
Dirty BS-Deny
The Bayonettes-Outa my mind
Tranzmitors-Nervous breakdown
The Screamers-The beat goes on
Rush-Workingman(slow edit)

Download link

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playlist And Download Link For Apr 21st 2010

Tom G. Warrior wears a stupid hat, and is in a band with dorky Goths.
When it's not Nu-Metal, it's pretty heavy.

Nothing People-Enemy with an invitation
Useless Eaters-death view
Burning Kitchen-Sickness
Teeth Gnashers-Too drunk for punk
No Class-Tired.bored.angry.violent.
Spectre-When night falls
Conqueror-Chaos domination(conquer the enslaver)
Brain dead-twisted soul
Exterminate-Japanese title
Flesh Columns-Where did they go
Shards-They want it they get it
Sir Henry Fiat's Bastard-German discipline
Young Governer-In the heart of a harum
The Dickies-The banana splits

Playlist And Download Link For Apr 14th 2010

That Barreracudas song fucking rules!

The Barreracudas-Dog food
Spider-Down & out
The Reactionaries-God & country
God equals Genocide-Another bloody occupation
The Crocodiles-Neon jesus
Darkthrone-eyes burst at dawn
T.R.I.B.E.-Cauldron born
Peace Or Annihilation-Atombombs
Aton-Ilu kasadu
Faustcoven-Barbarian assault
Dig Up The Dead-Night of the living shred
Ruin-Pathetic life
Severed Tongue-Severed life
Infection-Bring ya whole crew(2009 summer jam mix)
Noose-point & laugh
Native Cats-Catspaw
Deaf Aids-Peepshow
Roller Ball-Savage Eyes

Friday, April 9, 2010

Playlist And Download Link For Apr 7th 2010

Darkness and Brutality with just a pinch of Catchy.

Dead Times-Nothing out of life
Dead Times-Procession
The Spits-Police
Tapes-Skankless tascam
Satan's Satyrs-Lycancycler cult
Madmen-Wax world
Hatred Surge-Dark Circles
Mata Mata-Ghettos & jails
Mandibula-O Carrasco
Akitsa-Triumphe des legions de l'au-dela
Sacred Assault-Goats herded by riffles
Astral Silence-Experience 1
Living Darkness-Some choose despair
Hussy-Round and round
Zygoteens-No more
Headache City-Stay by my side
The Viletones-Backdoor to hell