Monday, October 15, 2007

Playlist And Download Link For Oct 10th 2007

Diodes-Tired Of Waking up tired
Snipers-Bobby was a corpse grinder
Brutal Knights-Don't tour
Sex Vid-Suspended daylight
Bludwulf-The horror
Skeletonwitch-Beyond the permafrost
Malignant Tumor-Obsessed by hell(request)
Wolfbrigade-Mind prowler
Hard Skin-New age
Fucked Up-Toronto fc
TNT-Zueri brannt
Young Wasteners-We got ways
Witchcraft-Walk between the lines
Black Sunday-I feel so nervous
Jay Reatard-In the dark
Boris The Sprinkler-Buying beer for junior high school students


My recording difficulty continued this week, so the download link is for a play list of MP3s again rather than my actual show, but you should still grab it because I played some wicked shit. The Diodes tune is an awesome little poppy Punk Rock song, Skeletonwitch, and Ghoul turn in some raging Thrash numbers, Malignant Tumor, and Wolfbrigade kick out some Crust that is so Metal (and in the best way) that it hurts, and Xno finish the show of with some catchy Dark wave.
Seriously. It fucken rules.

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