Saturday, October 6, 2007

Playlist For Oct 3rd 2007

Elektraflesh-Broken trust
Rich White Males-We ain't no musicians
Tuppjukk-Kat katt i mars
Instant Asshole-7th heaven
Pink Eye-1 pink 2 blue
Municipal Waste-Intervention
Judge Dread-...Wolves
Inepsy-Street city kids
G.A.T.E.S.-Black plague
Disclose-Nuclear hell
Meanwhile-Human surplus
Rikk Agnew-Section 8
The Flesh Eaters-Pony dress
The Batfish Boys-Hot guns
Pierced Arrows-The wait
Turbonegro-Hot & filthy

And here's the download link.

Because of a computer fuck up, I couldn't record my show this week, so this weeks download is mp3s of all the songs played on my show.
Just unzip it and you'll have my play list.
Sorry, I should have the problem fixed for next week.

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