Friday, January 8, 2010

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link Jan. 6th, 2010

Here's this weeks playlist, and I promise to update this thing this time. For real.

The Nymphets-I don't want to live on earth anymore
I Was A Skywalker-Make things right
Weak Link-Can't let it go
Hirax-Born in the streets
Fear Of Lipstick-Coffee grind
HHH-Intellectual punks
GISM-Shoot to kill
Genocidio-Fall from heaven
Impurity-The lamb's fury
Ghash-Dark night of illusions
Teenage Panzerkorps-Occult logic
Iron Lung/Walls/Pig Heart Transplant-Corpse
Rudo-Sold your soul to Satan
Totentanz-Do what thou wilt
Wolfbrigade-Reality lashes
The Vibrators-Judy says(knock you in the head)

And hear is the link.

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