Friday, April 9, 2010

Playlist And Download Link For Apr 7th 2010

Darkness and Brutality with just a pinch of Catchy.

Dead Times-Nothing out of life
Dead Times-Procession
The Spits-Police
Tapes-Skankless tascam
Satan's Satyrs-Lycancycler cult
Madmen-Wax world
Hatred Surge-Dark Circles
Mata Mata-Ghettos & jails
Mandibula-O Carrasco
Akitsa-Triumphe des legions de l'au-dela
Sacred Assault-Goats herded by riffles
Astral Silence-Experience 1
Living Darkness-Some choose despair
Hussy-Round and round
Zygoteens-No more
Headache City-Stay by my side
The Viletones-Backdoor to hell

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