Thursday, April 22, 2010

Playlist And Download Link For Apr 21st 2010

Tom G. Warrior wears a stupid hat, and is in a band with dorky Goths.
When it's not Nu-Metal, it's pretty heavy.

Nothing People-Enemy with an invitation
Useless Eaters-death view
Burning Kitchen-Sickness
Teeth Gnashers-Too drunk for punk
No Class-Tired.bored.angry.violent.
Spectre-When night falls
Conqueror-Chaos domination(conquer the enslaver)
Brain dead-twisted soul
Exterminate-Japanese title
Flesh Columns-Where did they go
Shards-They want it they get it
Sir Henry Fiat's Bastard-German discipline
Young Governer-In the heart of a harum
The Dickies-The banana splits

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