Friday, February 18, 2011

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link May 21st, 2008

Been a while.
Here's an old show from 2008 full of fast Punk, and brutal Black Metal.

Acid Reflux-Old timer
Cheap Time-Living in the past
Brutal Knights-Le high point
Peirced arrows-Guns of thunder
Sick Boys-My wife is a peeler
World Burns To Death-The Red Locust
Blasphemy-Fallen angel of doom
Sabbat-Rage of the mountains
Ironfist-Serpent goddess sexxxekution
Beastcraft-Altar of death
Hatred Surge-Casket
The Endless Blockade-Pathologised
Negative Gain-Decend on youth
Geriatric Unit-Kill The Pose
Autistic Youth-World of our own
Lets Grow-Man is the measure of all things
Criminal Damage-The power of fools
Tragedy-Force of law
Thor-Thunder on the tundra

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