Friday, August 6, 2010

Apokalyptic Raids playlist and download link Aug 4th, 2010

The Vibrators-Pure mania
No Mercy-My own way of life
Excel-Wreck your world
Neighborhood watch-Delicious vomit
The Brood-Unglued
Beowulf-get the grind
Poison Idea-Ugly American(Request)
Cobra Noir-Live like an angel die like a devil
Death Yell-Obssessed by the vision
Lascowiec-untitled (track 8 on the unreleased Isolation demo)
Abominator-The darkest sabbat
Judas Priest-The ripper(Request)
Dirty BS-Deny
The Bayonettes-Outa my mind
Tranzmitors-Nervous breakdown
The Screamers-The beat goes on
Rush-Workingman(slow edit)

Download link


FallingEarlyFallingOften said...

Hoe can i get ahold of you? do you have an email?

FallingEarlyFallingOften said...

You can email me at i wanted to ask a few questions