Friday, December 7, 2007

Playlist And Download link For Dec 5th 2007

This weeks show will give you a headache.

Initial State-Begin to breath
Hard Charger-Hell bound war dead
IronFist-Skull on fire
Guided Cradle-Revenge of the orcs
Gloomy Sunday-End trip
Gallhammer-Aloof & proud silence
Crossed Out-Crutch
Violent Reprisal-At war with my self
Anti You-Control
Reprobates-Falling apart
Gorilla Angreb-Darwin 05
Direct-Control-Public safety
Bloodhammer-Vanishing point
A Raven's Forest-Werewolf chants
April March-Chick habit

And here's the download link.


apokalyptic_raids said...

Here's Necromaniac from Apokalyptic Raids, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Well, I suppose your show's named after our band?! In which case I must say thanks a lot... Not all bands have their own radio show these days!!!

apokalyptic_raids said...

Please get in touch!