Friday, November 16, 2007

Playlist For Nov 14th 2007

This weeks show is full of Thrashing goodness.
Montreal Crust Rockers Inepsy reveal their Motley Crue influence on their new record.
Evil offer up a potent mix of Thrashy guitars, and modern H/C.
Garlik De'th besides having an awesome name kick out old school Blackened Thrash.
And Crossed Eyes deliver catchy as shit Punk Rock.

Motorhead-Cradle to the grave
Inepsy-No speed limit for destruction
Hirax-City of the dead
See You In Hell-Utok
Garlik De'th-Orgy of sin
Beherit-Ghost of death
Black Goat-Song of dead souls
Under Pressure-Human meat
Cross Laws-Warning signs
The Subhumans(UK)-This year's war
The Subhumans(Can)-The people of the plague
Crossed Eyes-Scottish pop
Exiter-Cry of the banshee

And the download link.

Tune The Fuck In!!!

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