Saturday, November 24, 2007

Playlist And Download Link For Nov 21st 2007

Here's this weeks playlist.
Arson-Coho coho
Inepsy-Time bomb
Endless Blockades-Pathologised
Hatred Surge-Slit personality
Midnight-Unholy & rotten
Vennt-Map of cuts
Torso-Babi yar 1
Clawhammer-Caved in skull
Signal Lost-Dasein
Capitalist Alienation-In welv
Gasp-Crawl back into your hole
INRI-Power violence
Fluisterwoud-Gitzwart in wolvenfaam
Death SS-Kings of evil

There was some technical problems this week that caused me to get started late, so Apocalyptic Raids is a little shorter than usual.
Here's the download link.

Tune The Fuck In!!!

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